We know where we are going .... do you?


Are you an experienced banking professional? An established broker looking to secure your accreditation future?

The landscape of finance and banking in Australia is going through rapid change. Are you ready for the ultimate impact?

Well established and professional finance broking firms are facing the challenges of rigorous legislation and structural change.

CrediFlex is standing strong. We specialise in sourcing and managing a broad range of finance and funding products for businesses and individuals. Our Group has been established since 2001. Our name and brand represent assurance of stability, longevity and quality of delivery. We have been gearing ourselves for the next level of change for some time.

Many of us have been in the industry for 30 years and more. Our main services are commercial/business finance, equipment finance, and home loans. Some of our Partners cover all three services. Others focus their experience in only one, such as home loans or equipment.

Everyone at CrediFlex comes from a banking and finance background, most with a long history of management and customer service at one of Australia’s major banks. Reputation and customer service are first and foremost in our minds when dealing with our customers, our lenders, and with each other.

Are we right for you?

You are looking to secure or grow your own business. You should be very selective about who you join. Ask yourself a few questions:
  1. Do you want to operate your business your way? With no sales targets or pressure to perform beyond your own choices?
  2. Do you want the choice of immediate access to a brand with a reputation that is well regarded by lenders throughout Australia OR using your own brand?
  3. Do you want Competitive Income Sharing that shows no favourites? Regardless of your level of writings?
  4. Do you want the freedom to focus on your choice of service offering to your customers?
  5. Do you want the comfort of Holiday and Sickness relief cover for your important clients when you are unable to assist?
If you answered YES to the above questions then you should talk to us. It sounds like we are right for you!

Are you right for us?

We are a boutique business and we are very selective about who joins our team. Consider these few statements:

We are not a hierarchy and we do not want you to report to us. We are a Group of experienced finance professionals who provide personal and individual service to each and every one of our clients. Jointly, we provide a broad range of expertise across the breadth of the finance industry. Should a scenario arise where one of us has limited experience, there will always be someone else in our Group that can help. While you will be building your own business, you will not be alone. If you need a ‘boss’, we are not right for you.

We are not a 1300 business. We are a business that prides itself on personal and individual interaction with our customers. To us, that’s all part of responsible professional behaviour. YOUR customers will call no-one else but YOU. Unless, of course, you choose to utilise holiday relief from another Partner! If you want a support business that follows a ‘robotic’ contact protocol, we are not right for you.

We are not a referral business. We do not promise to grow or build your customer relationships for you. But we will help you grow your business plan. We will keep you up to date with industry requirements and changes. We will help you through stumbling blocks and mentor you through your business growth. If you do not have your own customer base, or the ability to grow your own customer base, we are not right for you.

Weighing up your options

Don’t go by what you read only. You are making a big decision. Talk to others in the industry. Talk to other brokers and talk to your contacts at lenders. Gather as much information as you can. Talk to Us.  We’ll  give you honest answers to all of your questions.